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Send engaging, modern emails & forms

It only takes less than a minute.

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Intuitive to build, easy to fill-in!

Create emails & contact forms visually, with conversion optimisations.

Monitor and analyze user feedback from a global dashboard

Access dashboard with various essential metrics. Enable GDPR Tags for the contacts and send only to them during a campaign. Monitor Open rates and take actions automatically to add others to suppression list and so on.

Perfect on desktop, tablet & mobile

Your goals layouts with ease ! learn to achieve your followers & insights on how to engage them.

Features that make our product a hit

Multi-threaded Sending

Faster than the fastest. We use Multi-Threaded sending technology to process bulk sending.

Easy To Use

Fully customizable HTML editor with merge tags enables you with the capability to manifest anything.


Setup Auto-Responder on the fly. Configure DRIP campaigns and much more with our easy to use platform.

List Imports at Ease.

We don't charge for number of subscribers or emails sent. You are free to import any number of contacts for one flat fee.

Visitor Analytics

Mastery: learn to achieve your goals by analyzing various metrics ! On Actionable Intel.

Ready to Use Form

Our Ready to Use Subscription forms to go live in no time. Can be integrated anywhere.



Best option for small businesses, startups and personal projects. All features with no non-sense pricing



Best option for growing businesses and Enterprises of all sizes. All features with no non-sense pricing

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